Tabitha Cambodia

Tabitha Cambodia was founded in 1994 by Janne Ritskes, a dual citizen of Cambodia and Canada with 20 years of international experience with integrated community development programs and cottage industry. Her programs and projects continue, having proven sustainable among the poorest of the poor in the slums of the United States, the Philippines, Kenya and Cambodia.

The aim is to reach out to the despairing in their own communities and enable them to address their needs in a holistic and sustainable way, thereby transforming their lives to fruitfulness dignity and beauty.

Tabitha was started with seed funding from the Australian and Canadian Consulates in Cambodia.

Tabitha Cambodia works exclusively to improve the lives of the poorest of the poor.

Tabitha Programs in Perspective

“Family Development through Savings”, a micro-banking program, is the key to Tabitha’s success. At any one time, Tabitha is assisting over 59,000 families (representing over 472,000 people) to save their way out of desperate poverty. Over 187,000 families (1,500,000 people) have "graduated" from the program. Participation in the “Savings Program” is a pre-requisite for families or villages to participate in other Tabitha programs.

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Janne Interviewed on Australian Radio

As part of Janne's and Miriam's two Australian speaking tours, Janne was interviewed on each visit by the ABC Radio National program "Life Matters". They are both fantastic interviews which give a wonderful insight into the programs that Janne has developed.

Use the play button below to hear each of these interviews.

Latest ABC interview with Janne and Doug Quarry

First ABC interview with Janne

Use of Funds

Tabitha is a sustainable non-profit organisation with minimal overheads and running costs.

All funds are used to help the poorest people in Cambodia by running self-help programs focusing on personal and financial development. Tabitha does not give out money.

The small profit made from the Cottage Industry program contributes significantly towards Tabitha's administrative expenses. All donated funds are used for specific purposes (eg for houses or wells) or are used to allow Tabitha staff to expand development programs to more villages in more provinces.

The Tabitha Cambodia accounts are audited to international standards annually and copies of the audit are available on request.

Tabitha Cambodia's Headquarters in Phnom Penh

#239, Street 51
Corner of 360
PO Box 2361
Phnom Penh
Kingdom of Cambodia
Tel/Fax: (855) 23721038

Tabitha Cambodia has expanded and is now supporting over 35,000 families across seven provinces in Cambodia

Tabitha Founder Janne Ritskes and daughter Miriam

Tabitha Cambodia trains local Cambodian staff in the implementation of its programs