Tabitha Foundation is a non-profit organisation seeking to help suffering families in Cambodia.


Tabitha's aim is to reach out to the despairing in their communities and help them to address their own needs in a holistic and sustainable way. Community development is achieved by encouraging personal savings, providing employment and income by teaching and selling Cambodian handcrafted items, and house-building by volunteers for families who cannot afford a home. Thereby transforming lives to fruitfulness with dignity!

100% of donations are applied to the programs in Cambodia - ZERO overheads!

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The impact of wells People always ask - what is the impact of wells. Scott Selwood of the West Coast Eagles fame has donated numerous wells to Tabitha Cambodia. He not only donates quietly and without fanfare - he also takes the time to come and see the impact of his gift. Read the Full Story
A Caring Community Some 15 years ago, I was appointed as Anglican Chaplain to the Royal Australian Air Force Association's (RAAFA) residential estate in Bull Creek in Western Australia. Apart from celebrating bi-monthly mass, I offer pastoral support to anyone living on the estate - and especially to those in high-care in the hospital. Through a friend, I learned of Tabitha Foundation and was touched and impressed by the work being done in Cambodia with the poorest of the poor. However, I was particularly impressed by the fact that everyone associated with Tabitha Australia is a volunteer and that all monies raised go directly to the people of Cambodia - with not one cent withheld for administrative expenses. Read the Full Story
Helping Tabitha when you book your travel Whether you love to travel or have to travel for work, start the journey at TravelGiver. TravelGiver is a one-stop-travel-shop, allowing you to donate up to eight per cent of your booking to Tabitha Foundation Australia at no extra cost. You simply log on, choose a booking agent and select Tabitha as your Community Project. The donation is then made automatically. Read the Full Story
News From the Field - March 2015 March 26, 2015 Dear friends and partners, Today is not a great day for me – today I am so very angry at our manager in Kompong Speu. I am angry because of his passion for the people he works with – I am angry because he broke the rules and installed 48 ponds without talking to us; without asking if the funds were there. I am angry because I saw the results of his work yesterday and in my heart I understand why he did this but angry that he would put Tabitha in a position that we are not able to pay for the work done by the contractor. Read the Full Story
News From the Field - January 2015
January 22, 2015 Happy New Years to all our friends and partners, Happy – it is one of those overused words that I actually dislike but yesterday I saw true happiness! Yesterday was senior citizen’s day in Tabitha. Being a senior means anyone who can survive past the age of 60. I travelled to Saeb Village in Kampong Channang to visit with two families who had received a field well three years ago. The road to these field wells turned rapidly into a dusty track.
Read the Full Story
Tabitha Cambodia's 20th Anniversary - Highlights 2014 marks the 20th Anniversary of Tabitha Cambodia. Who would believe that one woman with a vision could improve the lot of more than 3.7 million Cambodian people in 20 years? Thanks to Tabitha's supporters from Australia and all around the world, Janne and her 50 staff continue to help and work tirelessly with the poorest families living in Cambodia today. Please read on to see some of the highlights of the first 20 years. Read the Full Story
Tabitha Cambodia's 20th Anniversary - Director's Report I remember our first office. My goodness, when it rained it flooded, toilets overflowed… and it always seemed to rain at night. Now we have been in our current location for the past ten years and I now live in a lovely home instead of one of the office rooms. In the early days there was gunfire and grenade blasts every night, now I just hear endless dogs barking at night. My first staff members were so frightened of everything, but now they are my assistants and managers. Setting up the cottage industry was such a challenge, “we have no skills” they said, “we have no resources”. Buying silk and cotton was beyond their grasp and using it to make our very first products, Christmas stockings, almost closed down the program as the staff didn't know about Christmas or stockings. They just believed I had crossed the line and was being ridiculous, and they were not far off! They thought I was going to wear those stockings on the street and people would laugh me out of the country. Now, they design and produce all kinds of products. Read the Full Story
News from the Field - November 2014 November 12, 2014 Dear friends and partners, This past week I was once again reminded of what poverty is. "Absolute poverty or destitution refers to the deprivation of basic human needs, which commonly includes food, water, sanitation, clothing, shelter, health care and education." I went on a site visit to Preah Samach Village in Prey Veng Province. It was disheartening at first - there are 1500 hundred families of which 90% are living in absolute poverty. It's a hard thing to see people living in absolute poverty - so much of Cambodia is stunningly beautiful, especially at this time of the year when the rains have come and food is growing in abundance - the colors of the greens and blues are a treat to the eye - the poverty is not. Read the Full Story
Darcy's Dream Team My journey with the Tabitha Foundation began when I was sixteen years old after my aunty returned from a build with amazing and inspiring stories. I, along with my family, friends and generous strangers fundraised for two years. Together we ran sausage sizzles, held private functions and sold more than 5,000 chocolates at my high school with the Cadbury chocolate drive. With every event public or private I was continually blown away by how supportive and generous people were. Strangers would stop to have conversations about the good work that we were doing and I absolutely loved telling them about the Tabitha Foundation and all the good work that they did in Cambodia. ‘Darcy’s Dream Team’ slowly came together over the two years and finally came together at the beginning of 2014. It consisted of both family and friends, ranging in age with the youngest being 12 years old! Some had been on board since day one, only two of the team members had been to Cambodia before and others had never been over seas. The team members came from both New South Wales and Victoria finally coming together in Phnom Penh on June 28th, where the journey really began.   Read the Full Story
Cambodia Calling In the 2014 June/July school holidays, our family was fortunate enough to be a part of a group of 19 people from Gerringong who went to Cambodia to help build houses for rural villagers in the province of Kompong Thom. The experience our family had was unforgettable and rewarding to think that we have contributed to improving the lot of people less fortunate than ourselves. Prior to the trip, our group had been busily raising funds for the Tabitha Foundation, the organisation that co-ordinates the house-building in Cambodia. We managed to raise approximately $35 000, through an array of various fund-raising ventures, including dinners, concerts, barbecues, oral presentations and private sponsorships. These funds enabled us to build 21 houses. This trip incorporated a tour of some of the major tourist sites in Cambodia, such as S21 and the Killing Fields in Phnom Penh- an emotional and disturbing experience, as well as World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. We also interacted with locals at every opportunity, picking up a few basic phrases of the Khmer language. There were many activities organised by our amazing guide, Simon Godden, who had us viewing craft workshops, silk factories, circuses etc as well as organising some splendid restaurants to dine in.   Read the Full Story

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Tabitha programs impact an amazing number of desperately poor children, women and families. We are not aware of any other program that is as effective for your contribution, delivering measurable results in alleviating poverty.

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"Australians have embraced the plight of Cambodian families with passion and energy. For this we are truly thankful"

Janne Ritskes
Tabitha Founder

"We don't view our contribution as a donation but rather as an investment - and we were left with the feeling that Janne and her team were well placed to invest our contribution in an efficient and productive manner"

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